Knife crime prevention orders

On the 5th July 2021, certain provisions of the Offensive Weapons Act 2019 come into force in specific areas for a period of 14 months. The area in question is the “metropolitan police district”, which consists of Greater London, excluding the City of London, the Inner Temple and the Middle Temple. The sections allow the… Continue reading Knife crime prevention orders

Renationalised probation service

In 2015, reforms were passed to allow some of the National Probation Service responsibilities to be dealt with by private companies. Known as Community Rehabilitation Companies, or CRCs, the companies were responsible for low to medium risk offenders while probation continued to deal with high-risk offenders. Companies were invited to submit tenders in what was… Continue reading Renationalised probation service

What Do Family Solicitors Do?

Family solicitors are those with the qualifications to provide advice on the correct course of actions in legal matters pertaining to family law, whether that be in relation to matrimonial law, child custody, domestic abuse, or family financial matters. On occasion, they will provide family mediation. They may also represent you in a court of… Continue reading What Do Family Solicitors Do?

What Drink Driving Penalties Might I Face?

Broadbents Solicitors have been advising and representing clients in drink driving offence cases since before the breathalyser was even introduced. Therefore, we are experts in the complex technicalities surrounding drink driving penalties, convictions, and pleas. If you’ve been charged with a drink driving offence, we understand that it is an extremely difficult and worrisome time.… Continue reading What Drink Driving Penalties Might I Face?

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