Facial Recognition Technology

The College of Policing has published a guide to the use of live facial recognition technology. The guide is intended to ensure a consistent approach across forces with a clear legal and ethical framework.   The College sets out five aims for the guidance: – live facial recognition (LFR) technology should be used in a… Continue reading Facial Recognition Technology

Parole Reform

The Justice Secretary, Dominic Raab, has announced a reform package for the parole system. A “Root and Branch” review focussed on the following areas: An evaluation of the parole reforms to date – looking at overall performance, the response to the pandemic, the effectiveness of the reconsideration mechanism and any rule changes that would further… Continue reading Parole Reform

Drug driving crackdown

The Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, has announced a consultation on the issue of whether those convicted of drug driving should have to undergo rehabilitation. Those convicted of drink driving, as opposed to drug driving, are usually offered the drink driver rehabilitation course. If successfully completed within the set time, the offender is given a reduction… Continue reading Drug driving crackdown

The Forfeiture Rule

An unusual case recently came before the Upper Tribunal, considering an issue under the Forfeiture Act 1982. The forfeiture rule says that a person cannot benefit from their own wrongdoing, especially if that wrongdoing results in the death of another person. The rule means that if someone kills a person, they cannot rely on that… Continue reading The Forfeiture Rule

A journalist and his sources

A case recently came before the Recorder of London. It was ruled that it was not in the public interest to force a journalist to hand over material that would identify a potential terrorist.           The journalist in question was Chris Mullin, and the police applied for an order for him… Continue reading A journalist and his sources

Daniel Morgan review & alleged Met Police corruption

In 1987 a private investigator called Daniel Morgan was murdered in Sydenham; despite several investigations, no one has been convicted for his murder. It was long suspected that police corruption may have played a part in either the murder or the failure to bring the murderer to justice. As a result of the suspicions, the… Continue reading Daniel Morgan review & alleged Met Police corruption


The Government has announced that a new offence of cyberflashing is to be introduced. The offence will be included in the Online Safety Bill as part of the Government’s efforts to ensure laws keep pace with emerging crimes.  What is cyberflashing?  Typically, cyberflashing involves a person sending an unsolicited sexual image via social media, dating… Continue reading Cyberflashing

Counterfeit and pirated goods

Europol has issued a report on the way criminal networks have adapted to new opportunities and demand for products generated by the pandemic. The Intellectual Property Crime Theft Assessment 2022 was produced by Europol and the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). It is a strategic report updating policymakers and the public on the threat from… Continue reading Counterfeit and pirated goods