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When a relationship breaks down and parents separate, it is often the children who get caught in the middle; and as a parent, it’s only natural that you want to safeguard the future care which your child receives.

At Broadbents Solicitors we are experts in Children’s Law and with years of experience, we recognise that it is the welfare of your children that is of the utmost importance to any parent. With this in mind, you can expect to receive the very best advice and support regarding Children’s Law in Derby, to ensure that you are supported throughout this difficult period.

Child Law is very complex, however, in certain circumstances, Legal Aid is still available for child contact issues. Do you believe that your children are at risk of harm from your former partner? If your case fits within the government criteria, Legal Aid can be granted to you provided you are able to produce evidence of the risk of harm. This must be one of the following:

  • That the other party to the case has a relevant unspent conviction for a Child Abuse Offence.
  • That the other party has a relevant police caution for a Child Abuse Offence given within the 24 months immediately prior to your application for Civil Legal Services.
  • That there are relevant Criminal Proceedings for a Child Abuse Offence against the other party which have not concluded.
  • That there is a relevant protective injunction in force or which was granted in the 24 months immediately preceding your application for Civil Legal Services.
  • That there is a relevant “finding of fact” of abuse of a child by the other party within proceedings in the UK in the 24 months immediately prior to your application for Civil Legal Services
  • A letter from Social Services confirming that in the last 24 months the child or children were assessed as being, or at risk of being a victim of child abuse by the other party (or a copy of the assessment)
  • A letter from Social Services confirming that within the last 24 months a child protection plan was put in place to protect the child or children from abuse or a risk of abuse from the other party (or a copy of that plan)
  • An outstanding application, not determined by the Court at the date of the application for Civil Legal Services, for a protective injunction made within an application for a Prohibited Steps Order against the other party.

If you wish to receive assistance under this category you will need to be in a position to produce the evidence. Legal Aid is not available to cover the cost of obtaining the evidence.

If you are not eligible for Legal Aid we can still help you either by agreeing a fixed fee for assisting you in relation to an uncontested application for residence or contact or by agreeing a fee structure that will enable you to have the reassurance of being represented by an experienced Family Solicitor who is knowledgeable of all areas surrounding Children’s Law in Derby. For more information regarding Child Law and the services we offer throughout Derby, please speak with Peter Rusbridge and telephone us on 01332 369090

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