Broadbents Solicitors LLP Privacy Notice

Broadbents Solicitors LLP privacy notice.

Broadbents respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. This privacy notice informs you how Broadbents looks after your personal data and your privacy rights.

It is important that you read this privacy notice and any other notices we may provide when we are collecting or processing personal data about you so that you are fully aware as to why we are collecting and processing this data. If you have any questions or concerns regarding how we collect and process your data, please contact us.

Who are we?
Broadbents Solicitors LLP is the controller and is responsible for your personal data. In this agreement Broadbents Solicitors LLP is collectively referred to as “Broadbents”, “we”, “us” or “our” throughout this notice. The data privacy manager is responsible for overseeing questions in relation to this privacy notice. Contact details are as follows:

Legal Practice – Broadbents Solicitors LLP
Data Controller – Peter Rusbridge
Position within the firm – Partner
E-mail –
Postal Address – 14 High Street, Heanor, Derbyshire, DE75 7EX

What information do we collect?

Personal data and or personal information means any information about an individual from which that person may be identified. We need to collect information about you or your business to enable us to offer the best service to you as possible. To achieve this we may collect:

– Personal data to enable us to identify you which includes firstname, surname, maiden name, title, date of birth, gender, nation insurance number.
– Contact details such as address, phone or mobile number, e-mail address.
– If needed certain financial information such as bank details and payment card details.

We will not share this data with any other business or person without your expressed authorisation. If you fail to provide us with the information we request under the terms of our of business or Legal Aid Agency contracts then we may not be able to act for you.

How do we use personal information?
We will only use your personal data when the law allows us to and for the following circumstances:

– Where we need to perform our duties to you as set out in our terms of business.
– Where we need to comply with our legal or regulatory obligations.

Why do we require your personal data?
Personal data is required for the following reasons:

– To enable us to take you on as a client.
– To provide you with legal advice.
– To deal with any application for employment.
– To ensure any application for legal aid funding is approved by the Legal Aid Agency.
– To enable our online quotation tool to give an accurate quotation for potential conveyancing matters.

When do we share personal data?
We treat all personal data confidentially but there are circumstances where it will need to be shared with third parties to provide the service that you have instructed us to carry out. These third parties may include:

– The Legal Aid Agency where a submission for a legal aid claim / payment needs to be made.
– Certain providers (Land Registry, Search providers) will be needed to enable us to carry out your matter. These providers have been selected carefully due to their ability to provide effective and efficient high quality services. We are confident these providers can be trusted with your personal information.

Where do we store and process personal data?
We do not transfer your personal data outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) and if the circumstances arise where we may need to we will always obtain your consent to do so.

How do we secure personal data?
Your personal data is stored on secure and protected servers and applications. We have a disaster recovery plan in operation which includes an off site backup, so that no data will ever be lost if the servers go down. Data is sent through secure means such as protected sites and e-mail servers (cjsm) and all our access points are password protected. All staff have been regularly trained in GDPR and have training records to show their compliance.

How long do we keep your personal data for?
We can only retain your personal data for a period of five years unless you consent and sign our Client Data Protection form giving your consent for us to keep your data for as long as we see fit. This is due to us having clients who may wish for us to act for them on a regular basis. You have the right to opt out of the Client Data Protection consent at any time after your matter with us has been completed. Your rights in relation to personal data Under GDPR rules you can:

– Request access to any personal data we hold and to check we are lawfully processing that data.
– Request that we correct any personal data we hold about you (we may need to verify any such request for accuracy).
– Request that we delete or remove your personal data when there is no good reason for us to continue to hold onto it. Please note that this request may not always be possible for specific legal reasons of which we will fully notify you of.
– Request that we transfer your personal data to yourself or a third party. Please note this will be sent in a secure document and will only contain the data we collected to enable us to perform a contract with you.
– You will not have to pay a fee to access your personal data that we have collected.

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