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Established Family Solicitors in Derby, Alfreton and Heanor

At Broadbents Solicitors we understand the role that a trusted Solicitor needs to play, helping to resolve issues surrounding separation, child contact and residence issues. It’s precisely for this reason why we have a Family Solicitor covering our offices who specialise in all aspects of Family Law, providing professional advice, guidance, and ongoing support to many families. Our main objective is to help you with any family or matrimonial problems and provide legal support to ensure that the process is as stress-free as possible.

Our Family Solicitor is a member of Resolution, a nationwide Family Law organisation that encourages the resolution of disputes in a constructive, amicable and non-confrontational environment. With this said, we cover all sectors of Family Law, which include the following:

  • Marriage, Co-Habitation Breakdown and Divorce
  • Child Contact
  • Residence Issues
  • Domestic Violence

We understand the sensitivity of your case, which is why we provide an approachable, professional, and supportive service that is tailored to your needs. Legal Aid is no longer available in most Family Law matters. However, there are a limited number of situations where you may qualify:

  • Are Social Services involved with your children and talking of issuing Care
  • Are you seeking advice in relation to domestic violence?
  • Are you willing to resolve your case through mediation?
  • Are you a victim of domestic violence?

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