Road Traffic Offences

Our experienced team of Solicitors and Advocates are skilled in dealing with all areas of Road Traffic Law, ensuring that you receive the best possible defence available for the charge you face and the best possible chance of avoiding disqualification.

As we are experienced in dealing with Road Traffic Offences and general Criminal Defence, we are able to advise and represent you either as a publicly funded or private client in relation to all possible motoring charges including:

  • Speeding
  • Totting Up Disqualification
  • Using A Mobile Phone Whilst Driving (and other regulatory offences)
  • Drink Driving, Drug Impaired Driving (and being in charge of a motor vehicle whilst affected by drink or drugs)
  • Careless Driving, Driving Without Reasonable Consideration and Failing to Comply With Traffic Signs
  • Dangerous Driving and Other Serious Offences Causing Death
  • Driving Whilst Disqualified or Without Insurance, a Licence or an MOT
  • Offences Relating to HGV’s Including Insecure Loads, Tachographs and Drivers Hours
  • Application for Removal of Disqualification

Funding and Legal Costs

We believe that it is important that we agree our costs with you from the outset. If you are eligible for public funding we will complete an application for you. If you are not eligible we will discuss how best to fund your case and the ways in which our fees can be paid.

We believe in providing an initial consultation so that costs can be agreed before you commit yourself to using our services. For more information, please telephone us 01332 369090 or complete our online contact form.

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