Prison And Rehabilitation

There has always been a great deal of debate surrounding the issues of punishment and rehabilitation and the role of prison sentences in the justice system. Although some people can favour punishment and others rehabilitation, most people would suggest a mix of both. In the past, a former director-general of the Prison Service said that… Continue reading Prison And Rehabilitation

Racial Discrimination – UN Report

George Floyd dying in the USA in 2020 resulted in mass protests worldwide and marked a watershed in the fight against racism. In the aftermath of his death, the United Nations has produced a report analysing racial justice. The report found that the police use of racial profiling and excessive force was systemic in much… Continue reading Racial Discrimination – UN Report

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Secondary Liability

Did you know that you do not have to enter a house to be guilty of burgling it? How? Burglary is defined as entering as a trespasser with either the intent to steal or actually stealing. It can also be committed by entering with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm or inflicting it.  … Continue reading Secondary Liability

Stalking, Good Character and Unduly Lenient Sentences

Dipu Ahad was a councillor in Newcastle when a lady approached him for assistance as her former partner was harassing her. She approached him due to his standing in the community, and he did assist at first. When the harassment from the former partner ceased, Ahad started to carry out acts to make her think… Continue reading Stalking, Good Character and Unduly Lenient Sentences

Sentencing And Ethnicity

The Sentencing Academy has produced a report reviewing ethnicity and custodial sentencing trends from 2009 to 2019. Over the years, several official reports have addressed the role of race and ethnicity in sentencing decisions. The current report looked at sentencing patterns for different offender profiles with two key issues that emerged. The first was ethnic… Continue reading Sentencing And Ethnicity

Illegal Enret Via Small Boats

The Crown Prosecution Service and law enforcement agencies have agreed a consistent approach to the handling of illegal entry cases via small boats and lorries. Their guidance has been updated in the sections regarding small boats and larger vessels, passengers and prosecution strategy/international enquiries. The circumstances in which criminal charges may be considered are set… Continue reading Illegal Enret Via Small Boats

Modern Slavery – New Sentencing Guidelines

Threats to Share Intimate Images

The Domestic Abuse Bill introduced a new offence which came into effect on 29th June 2021.  Section 69 of the Domestic Abuse Act 2021 creates a new offence of threatening to disclose a private sexual photograph or film in which another individual appears, and by doing so, the person intends to cause distress to that… Continue reading Threats to Share Intimate Images

Trade Mark Offences – New Sentencing Guidelines

The Sentencing Council produces guidelines on sentencing for the judiciary and criminal justice professionals. The aim is to promote greater consistency in sentencing whilst maintaining the independence of the judiciary. The guidelines set sentencing ranges within the maximum for the offence and must be followed unless the court is satisfied that it would not be… Continue reading Trade Mark Offences – New Sentencing Guidelines

Record Environmental Agency Prosecution

Southern Water has been fined £90 million after pleading guilty to 6.971 unpermitted sewage discharges which polluted rivers and coastal waters in Kent, Hampshire and Sussex. The offences were held to be caused by deliberate failings; they were widespread and long term breaches causing major harm to protected areas, conservation sites and oyster beds.   The… Continue reading Record Environmental Agency Prosecution