Choosing a Trademark

There are several aspects of your business that you need to refine, in order to ensure that it attracts the attention of your target audience. However, an important aspect of your business is its trademark. Standing out in an often saturated market can be difficult, so how do you differentiate your goods or services from… Continue reading Choosing a Trademark

Follow The Money

‘Follow the money’ is a rather clichéd line from the film ‘All The President’s Men’ which charted the scandal that engulfed President Nixon in the 1970s. But even today, the money trail is very much the first line of investigation in serious fraud cases, and one that is increasingly difficult to follow. Not so long… Continue reading Follow The Money

None for The Road

As we put Halloween and Bonfire Night behind us, easing into those dark wintry nights, it isn’t long before Christmas is in our sights and party season gets underway. As night follows day, this time also coincides with a national police initiative concerning drink driving, as forces across the country prepare for a spike in… Continue reading None for The Road

Gun Amnesty

A two-week gun amnesty begins today across the UK. In this period people will have an opportunity to dispose of firearms and ammunition safely, with ‘no questions asked’. Who Are the Police Reaching out To? The amnesty is directed at two distinct groups of people, firstly those who know they are in possession of illegal… Continue reading Gun Amnesty

Drugs – No Laughing Matter

‘Laughing gas’ more properly known as Nitrous Oxide, is back in the news following a Court of Appeal ruling that the substance is controlled by the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016. The Act makes it an offence to possess psychoactive substances with intent to supply, and in limited cases, simple possession is also an offence. The… Continue reading Drugs – No Laughing Matter

Fireworks and the Law

As we approach Bonfire Night, the night sky is brought alive by the vibrant explosions of noise and colour, but as always, lurking in the background is a risk that failing to deal with fireworks safely and responsibly can bring you to the attention of the police. Retailers who are thinking of supplying fireworks for… Continue reading Fireworks and the Law

Can My Sentence Be Increased?

The sentencing process is the beginning of the end for many defendants; they can receive and accept their punishment and prepare to move on with their lives. But for some, the anguish is not over as an appeal may be looming. Who Can Appeal? The Attorney General (and Solicitor General) have the power to apply… Continue reading Can My Sentence Be Increased?